The door of benevolence, securely tiled against the unworthy,
but open wide to men of good rapport!

How to become a member

The Scottish Rite Bodies and Auxiliaries Prince Hall Affiliation in the Orient of Maryland, are under the obedience and auspices of the United Supreme Council, 33° Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Prince Hall Affiliation, Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America, Inc., headquartered in Memphis, TN. over which the Illustrious SGIG Deary Vaughn 33°, Sovereign Grand Commander, presides.

The requirement to join the Scottish Rite is that a man be a Master Mason in good standing in a lodge recognized by this jurisdiction. If you are a Master Mason in good standing in a lodge which is recognized by this jurisdiction and you are interested in becoming a Scottish Rite Mason, please contact us at your earliest convenience.


  • Scottish Rite answers many questions raised in Symbolic Blue Lodges.
  • Scottish Rite degrees provide additional understanding of the meaning of Freemasonry and its basic principles through the use of drama and appeal to the eye as well as the ear.
  • Scottish Rite emphasizes time-tested moral lessons and virtues which make man worth-while and the world a better place in which we live.
  • Scottish Rite work is always conducted in an atmosphere of reverence and dignity.
  • Scottish Rite membership will enlarge your circle of Masonic acquaintances and provide additional opportunities for congenial fellowship.
  • Scottish Rite affords varied opportunities for active service in keeping with the talents of each member.
  • Scottish Rite through its benevolences not only assists members in distress but has established a program designed to benefit all mankind.
  • Scottish Rite, an international organization, continues its work for better understanding among nations and a just and peaceful world.

News and Events

2019 Council of Deliberation

To all Scottish Rite Masons and Loyal Ladies of The Golden Circle in the Orient of Maryland and operating under the auspices and obedience of the United Supreme Council 33°, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite…

Resolution of Tribute

PCIC GIG Odell W. Wilson Jr answers the call to perform the reading of the Resolution of Tribute for a Frater from the United Supreme Council, PHA, AASR, Northern Jurisdiction…