In the beginning, God created heaven and earth. In 1989, these men created
I. H. Clayborn Consistory No. 363!

Consistory History

I. H. Clayborn Consistory was name in honor of the Sovereign Grand Commander for the Southern Jurisdiction, Sovereign Grand Inspector General Dr. Isidore H. Clayborn. A charter was granted on October 19, 1989 and the Consistory was official consecrated on November 11, 1989. The event was held at the First Baptist Church of Guilford, located in Columbia, Maryland, and called to order by the Illustrious Deputy of the Orient, SGIG Shelton D. Redden. The first elected and appointed officers were:

GIG Maceo Boston, Jr., Ill. Commander in Chief
GIG Tommie S. Kirk, Ill. 1st Lieutenant Commander
GIG Walter Fernandez, Ill. 2nd Lieutenant Commander
SP Melvin C. Tucker, Ill. Chancellor
SP Gregory Lucas, Ill. Minster of State
SP David H. White, Ill. Treasurer
SP Sponce A. Cade, Ill. Keeper of the Seals and Archives
SP Moses Hollies, Ill. Prior
SP John Buchanan, Ill. Hospitaler
SP William Robinson, Ill. Master of Ceremonies
SP Ronald Coleman, Ill. Standard Bearer
SP Robert W. Criss, Ill. Engineer and Architect
SP Jimmy E. Lockhart, Ill. Captain of the Guard
SP Herbert Brown, Ill. Sentinel
GIG Henry Lowe, Thrice Potent Master, John H. Jones #363, Lodge of Perfection
GIG Jenkins Odoms, Jr., Most Wise and Perfect Master, John G. Lewis #363, Chapter of the Rose Croix
GIG Pernell Cooper, Grand Commander, Willard W. Allen #363, Councils of Kadosh
GIG Michael Marshall, Ill. Overseer of The Valley.

In 1993, I. H. Clayborn was the host Consistory for the Maryland Council of Deliberation for the State of Maryland and during the session, I. H. Clayborn was named the “Consistory of the Year” for 1991-1992 under the leadership of GIG George Barnes, as Commander in Chief. Since the beginning of I. H. Clayborn #363 there have been twenty five (25) Commanders-in-Chiefs.

News and Events

2019 Council of Deliberation

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Resolution of Tribute

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